A celebration of the life of Tanya Talbot

Tanya Suzanne Talbot

nee. Grossfield

4th September 1970 - 20th April 2021

There's a time that I remember, when I did not know no pain

When I believed in forever, and everything would stay the same

Now my heart feel like December when somebody say your name

'cause I can't reach out to call you, but I know I will one day

Memories - Maroon5

Dear Tanya,

thank you for your friendship, your lovely laugh and your gift to make everyone and every moment so special. The beautiful memories, we have of you are unforgetable. We will remember you as the most kindly person between Bonn and Tintagel. You lived your live with a depth, enjoyment and love, that are outstanding.

With deepest condolence to Jon and your boys William and Joshua.


Nadja and Patrik with Luke and Nick

Something magic about you ...

Dearest Tanya,

You always embraced the fun and outrageous, bringing the inner Tanya out in all of us. 'No' was not a word you knew and we loved you for it. Working with you on any project was a strangely masochistic pleasure; as a natural leader you cared deeply about making sure everyone was doing something that played to their strengths and that they were enjoying themselves but always keeping focussed on the end goal of creating a fabulous, fun event. You gave so much of yourself and worked tirelessly to make things happen. From being the glamorous maestro on the big night to just a 'stage donkey', lugging those heavy bits of stage around, you never shied from any job that needed doing. Selfless, determined, warm, loving and outrageously funny, the world is a lot less sparkly now but we are forever grateful that you have been such a special part of our lives. Thank you for your passionate friendship, kindness, honesty and love. We miss you.


'There is a magic about you that is all your own' - D.M. Dellinger


Jon, William and Josh, our love and thoughts are with you, her boys and with the rest of her wonderful family. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Love Rebecca, Tim, Thomas & Oliver xx



You touched all of us with your charm, enthusiasm, talent and passion to make things happen. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Our deepest Sympathy goes out to Jon and your boys.


Martin, Astrid & Luca Weller and Praxis Dr. A. Weller-Bergmann

You raise me up so I can stand on mountains

To live life to your fullest potential, to fill the lives of those around you with sparkle, to never look back as forward is a far more attractive prospect and joy, to love unashamedly and give your all -

Thank you for your gifts, for finding our uninque gifts special, for the laughs, for the bubbles. We will proudly carry a small piece of you through our lives.

Jon, William, Josh - know we are here


All our love,

Ag, Tony, Violet & Eli Boud

(each of us shared so many special moments that made memories we will treasure forever)

Photo: Bernd Kaemmerer

Ulrike Paetow

Farewell Tanya, you will found the happiest choir in heaven - for sure!

I hope someday I may join in.

Ulrike (Uli)


Beautiful Girl

Dearest Tanya, you inspired so many of us to live our lives with joy, and you will continue to do so long after today. Thank you for welcoming our family to Bonn in your inimitable way, for all the songs, laughs, lessons on packing light and how to move mountains, parties, hugs, and kind words when they were much needed. You showed us that by doing what you love, you will find your tribe, fire imaginations, make people smile, bring them together, and show us how it’s done. Farewell our beautiful, generous, witty and talented friend. We will miss you and you will live forever in our memories and hearts. We love you. Jon, William and Josh, you have family in us, we will always be here for you. xxx

„Volunteers“ only

You have to join the choir.

But I can’t sing.

Don’t worry, we’re rubbish, but you’ll be gorgeous!

This was our first conversation.


Dear Tanya thank you for being you. We will always be your „brilliant“ volunteers.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you created.

All our love to Jon, William and Josh our thoughts and love are with you.

Sarah and Jens

Simply the Best

Tanya had this amazing ability, a gift really, of making everyone around her feel incredibly special. Her passion for fundraising and her love of music and entertaining created so many magical Gala nights. The undeniable zest for life she carried everywhere reflected on to us, so we soaked it in and had the time of our lives. How lucky we are to have benefited from her creative genius, kind and generous heart, and fun-loving spirit. I'm forever grateful for her friendship; she made our lives richer, happier and so much more memorable. Her legacy will never end, but live on in all of us. We send our love to Jon, William and Josh.

With love,

Karolyn & George Fox and Family

A treasure

From school to university, living it up in our 20s, getting married and having kids in our 30s, experiencing life to the full in our 40s, we are blessed to have shared all this with our beautiful Tanya. 

We will treasure the memories forever, we will remember the kindness, the caring, the energy, the positivity and the sparkle in her eyes and in her smile and in her laughter. What a joy she was. She will stay with us forever. 

And to Jon, William and Josh - you guys were her world. She was so proud of you all and loved you more than words can say. We send you love and strength and are here for you now and always.

Laura, Natha, Reuben, Oscar and Noah xxx


Tanya and I were at Warwick at the same time although we didn’t know each other. We figured this out years later when we met at Fleet Primary school where we both taught. It turned out that our paths did cross at university as we’d both been involved in the same production of Oliver!


It was such a pleasure to work with her at Fleet. I have happy memories of collaborating with her on the school musical for the year we worked together which was A Christmas Carol. I learned a lot about conducting that year! She was inspirational!


Tanya was the definition of life affirming. I remember visiting London to attend a retirement assembly that she was masterminding, a couple of years after I’d moved to New York. I stayed at her place and we sat up all night drinking and putting the world to rights!


While we didn’t see each other much over the intervening years, I thought about her often and kept up with her life through Facebook.


Deep condolences to Jon, William and Josh.

Rob Cousins

An Alto at heart .....

Oh, Tanya ..... what a blast we had with you in choir - and that was just the tip of the iceberg of the fun you created. Your zest for life, warmth, energy, humour and kindness touched us all, and brought out the best in us time after time. You are so missed but we will always think of you whenever we hear the music we shared, and feel so very lucky that you shared that with us. Our love and empathy go to Jon, William and Josh. Geraldine xx

Tanya, our Angel

Tanya, you are our shining star forever.

You raised us up and even made me sing a solo at our last Christmas Concert.

Thank you for your overwhelming friendship.

Whenever we look at the sky we see Tanya's star.


Reinhard and Nurten Schlinkert

Tanya. The essence of music is to give joy.

That was our powerful and enthusiastic Tanya. She electrified all of us. Our rehearsals and concerts will be one of the happiest times in my life forever. Tanya enriched my life and I am blessed to know her. She was a strong and brave fighter always with a smile on her face. The music comforts you in sad times, will bring you to laughter when you are worried about something and clears your mind when everything goes up and down. (Isaac Stern)

With my sincere condolences, I hope this will comfort her husband Jon and her sons William and Joshua and family in their deep and painful loss. I truly believe these words would be in Tanya's sense.


For images and video of Tanya in her role as International Voices Choir Director, in Bonn, Germany, go to the choir website